Domain Name, or sometimes referred to as internet name is an address that uniquely identifies web files , database, or system over the internet. With domain name, your business and organisation will become visible over the internet and can help to promote your products and services. 

KufuziXPress is currently providing domain name registration and domain hosting services for over 20 clients in PNG.

With the domain name, companies and oganisations can have email addresses that reflects their branding (example:

.COM.PG is applicable to companies and business wishing to you PNG extension. We do the hosting while PNG Unitech maintains registration.

.ORG.PG is applicable to NGO and other not-for-profit groups wishing to use PNG domain. We provide hosting and PNG Unitech keeps registration.

AC.PG domain is applicable to academic institutions like colleges, school of universities. We host the domain while PNG Unitech maintains registration.

We offer only .COM, .ORG and .NET domains as a generic domain for individual business in PNG wishing to start with this domain. We do registration and we do hosting.


PNG Domain .COM.PG domain

K350 24 months

PNG Domain .ORG.PG & .AC.PG domains

K150 24 months

Best for SME

Other Domains .COM. .ORG and .NET

K100 12 months

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