Running and operating a health care center or clinic without a system to manage your patient files and other medical records will leave your clinic disorganised. Having a system in place will ensure you have proper records of your patient medical information to help you provide reliable and efficient services to your clients.

We offer this services to help hospitals, private clinics or medical centers to easily keep track of their patients workflow.

We offer two options, Either to host on your premises with connecting all your users to a single system or we can host for you on the cloud.

We provide fee information and mentoring sessions.



Local Host

On premises hosting with MySQL database connecting different users

Cloud Host

Host on Microsoft Azure, or cloud MySQL server and access anywhere


Record and manage patient information and keep track of their records


Easily manage all your inventory in the same system and keep track of your pharmacy stocks


Allow medical personnel to manage patient records all in one place.


Create invoice, create quotes and manage all payment records and track your performance.

Multi Users

Share your database with clinic staff accross the clinic through LAN or over the network


Easily generate your reports for analysis and reporting and track your performance

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