Registering and hosting a PG domain is very important for PNG based companies as it uniquely identifies your company over the internet. Choosing a right PG domain for your organization, business, institution, or company is very important step towards promoting your brand over the internet. We have compiled this information to help you understand the steps and also to help you choose a right PG domain extension for yourself. PG domain name is registered here by PNG University of Technology.

Step 1: Determining PG domain extension.

You must choose the type of PG domain you want your company or business will have. There are 4 PG domain types currently available for PNG.

  • . – applicable to companies and businesses
  • – applicable to organization such as NGO, church, not-for-profit group, etc..
  • . – applicable to academic institution such as schools, colleges, universities
  • – is a generic PG domain and can be used by any type of businesses or organization.

Step 2: Find your hosting.

Once you have determined the type of domain you want, next step is to find a hosting company who will host your domain name. Your hosting company will set-up your domain and server details and provide you  the server details (such as your host name, IP address and server name). If you are not sure where to find hosting company, read our article here.

Step 3: Apply for domain name.

After identifying your hosting and obtaining server details, fill in the Domain Name Registration form with your details such as company or organization name, addresses and the hosting server details. The form must be filled out correctly. Domain name form is available for download here.

Step 4: Check domain availability

Send your completed form to PNG Unitech Domain Name Centre ( and ask them to confirm if your proposed domain name is available. If your hosting company is doing it, they will search the domain availability with PNGUOT.

Step 5: Make payment.

Upon receiving the confirmation from the PNGUOT, make the payment. You can either pay to your hosting company or pay directly to PNGUOT and produce a receipt.  All domains are renewable every 2 years. If you are using a hosting company, they may charge you their fees on top of the prices below: –

  • . (PGK300)
  • . (PGK100)
  • . (PGK100)
  • (PGK300)

Step 6: Your domain is ready.

PNGUOT will notify you or your hosting company as soon as your domain name is registered. It will take up to 24 hours to 48 hours for the domain to propagate (visible or active). You can now enjoy using your own PG domain for your website, web-applications or even creating email addresses.

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